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It hasn’t been a splendid Xmas for me. I woke up ensconced in thought, the first from a sense of nostalgia, with musings about another Xmas with little fanfare, no thanks to the comatose economy and a nation that cares little for her people; the second was the discomfort from sound decibels from generators around since NEPA, PHCN or the new Power owners won’t give us electricity; and the third is one of melancholy, for which I need your prayers, I have had tears streaming down my cheek that I couldn’t keep my Christmas tradition of making a multi-vegetable Gravy sauce for the family at Xmas, I have also struggled against making a Merry Xmas broadcast on any of the social media platforms.

I woke up with the missing Chibok girls in mind. I imagined their state 8months after they were taken away by the impish Haramist. I have wept and prayed, I have remained without a bath all day, I have become a bore this Xmas, I can’t stop thinking of the daughters of Chibok and their families, yes, most of the missing girls know Xmas because statistics shows that 85% of them are Christians.

What kind of Christmas would the girls have in a dungeon surrounded by sons of satan? Who will wish them a merry Xmas? Where is the portion of rice and chicken, or perhaps the meal they had last Xmas? Why must they spend this Xmas in captivity having been taking away since April 15, 2014? Why?

The fact that my two lovely daughters enjoy some freedom whilst the daughters of Chibok remain traumatized troubles my heart, I can’t stop crying, yes we have failed the Girls of Chibok, we have failed the internally displaced women and children across the land, & we have failed the Servicemen who daily come to harm for our sake.

May God Save Nigeria.

_Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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