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Grasscutter Farming : The Wonderful New Doorway To Success


There are many reasons for keeping and
raising grasscutters. Not only are they
friendly, but they will entertain you with their
antics . In addition , the grasscutter will also
eat up your kitchen vegetable waste . Mankind
must first of all eat , drink , have shelter and
clothing before it can pursue politics , science ,
art , religion etc.
Grasscutter farming is great if you have a
space as small as a room, parking store or
kitchen . They are very little trouble troublesome ; they can
get most or all of their food from eating
grass . They are one of the most efficient
bush – meat producers . In their wild state ,
grasscutters are one of the many creatures
that practice polygamy . In domestication
they’re more promiscuous . They breed like


It’ s understandable if farmers fail in livestock
farming such as poultry, piggery and fish
farming ; because of their high cost of
production. But , farmers will never fail in
grasscutter breeding because 95% of their
feed is sourced free . Nigeria needs
entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create jobs ; lift
the standard of living , usher new technology
into society , and keep competition alive in the
Friends, are you ready to get started on
animal breeding ? Don ’ t delay . I want you to
take a deep thought on the inspiring words of
George Cecil which says : “ On the plains of
hesitation , bleach the bones of countless
millions who , at the dawn of victory , sat down
to wait , and waiting —died! Make hays while
the sun shines . After reading this piece, do
not waste time , it’ s never too late to start
your own grasscutter farm .
Albert Einstein’ s parents were sure he was
retarded because he spoke haltingly until the
age of nine and even after that would
respond to questions only after a long period
of deliberation . He performed so badly in his
high school courses , except mathematics , that
a teacher told him to drop out , saying, ‘’You
will never amount to anything , Einstein. ’’
Charles Darwin did so poorly in school that
his father told him, ‘’You will be a disgrace to
yourself and all your family.’’ Thomas Edison
was called ‘’dunce’’ by his father and ‘’addled ’’
by his high school teacher and was told by his
headmaster that he ‘’would never make a
success of anything . ’’ Henry Ford barely made
it through school with the minimum grasp of
reading and writing. Sir Isaac Newton was so
poor in school that he was allowed to
continue only because he was a complete flop
at running the family farm . Pablo Picasso was
pulled out of school at the age of 10 because
he was doing so badly . His father hired a
tutor to prepare him to go back to school , but
the tutor gave up on the hopeless pupil.
Giacomo Puccini , the Italian opera composer ,
was so poor at everything as a child, including
music that his first music teacher gave up in
despair, concluding the boy had no talent .
And the list goes on. Continue reading HERE.

Written by: By Prince Arinze Onebunne

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