Have you ever wondered how lesbian couples get pregnant? This is how they do it.


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If you ever find yourself in a relationship with a person of the same gender as you, one day, you may consider having a child with them. The obvious first option is always Adoption, but most women would want to experience the euphoria that accompanies child birth. They may want to experience what’s like to have a child of their own, this would be difficult as their partner is also a woman. Gratefully, because of advances in medicine, this problem have been solved.

But how do lesbian couples get pregnant? What are the options? There are in fact many treatment options and genetic tests available for same-sex couples who want to get pregnant. In this article, I would introduce some of the options available to lesbian couples who want to start a family.

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There are so many Medical options available but these are the most successful and safest;

NOTE: All these options have their own unique pros and cons as regards to how ‘safe’ they are. These unique characteristics depends on the medical history, financial security, age, e.t.c. of the lesbian couples involved.

For example, an elderly lady usually have fewer viable eggs, hence IVF may be the best option. Also, a woman with endometriosis, artificial insemination may not be the wisest option to go with.

The major options includes

1) Donor Insemination

2) In vitro Fertilization

3) Intrauterine insemination

Let’s discuss these options in details.

1) Donor insemination is when a syringe is used to insert semen into the woman’s Private part. This obviously involves getting a sperm donor which is a healthy male. The question is, how do one find a sperm Donor? There are many ways to do it, you can either get it from someone you know or you can get it from an anonymous donor. Whichever you decide, a medical professional will help you decide on the best way to find a sperm donor. Some couples are concerned that this could lead to disputes over parentage in the future. However, there are legal structures in place to help ensure this doesn’t become an issue later down the line.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

2) Intrauterine insemination is similar to donor insemination, except that it involves the injection of sperm into the uterus by means of a catheter. This procedure is relatively not invasive as compared to IVF but the success rate is lower. It’s also inexpensive.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

3) In vitro fertilization or IVF, this is the use of Medical drugs and equipments to encourage the development of multiple eggs or ovaries from the mother. After the eggs mature, they are retrieved from the mother and then fertilized in vitro, that is, outside the womb by a doctor using the sperm of a Donor. Once embryos are created, an embryo can be transferred into a uterus while any remaining embryos can be frozen for future transfers. Often, lesbian couples opt for IVF so both partners can participate in the pregnancy. For example, the couple may choose to harvest eggs from one partner for the other to carry.

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