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Hillary Clinton Talks Gender Equality, Not Politics, at Clinton Foundation Event



Hillary Clinton opened a gender
equality event at the Clinton
Global Foundation in New York on
Monday by calling equal rights for
women and girls the “great
unfinished business of the 21st
Clinton, who served as Secretary
of State in the Obama
administration from 2009 to 2013,
is widely seen to be a front runner
for the 2016 Democratic
presidential nomination, despite
having not yet declared an
intention to run.
While no strangers to public
scrutiny, recent weeks have seen
the Clintons and their foundation
under fire, first, after it emerged
that the Clinton Foundation had
received funding from seven
foreign governments while Hillary
Clinton was Secretary of State. The
donor countries included Saudi
Arabia, one of only two territories
in the world whose constitution
does not have language supporting
women’s rights or prohibiting
gender discrimination. Then last
week Hillary Clinton was also hit
with criticism after reports that
she used her personal email
address, on a private server, to
conduct official business during
her time as Secretary of State.
Clinton has said she has asked the
State Department to hand over her
emails to the public, while Bill
Clinton defended the Clinton
Foundation’s funding this


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