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How Facebook and Candy Crush Got You Hooked



Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. World of Warcraft.
Angry Birds. The most successful tech products
have one thing in common: They’re addictive.
And users don’t get hooked by accident. Just ask
Nir Eyal. A Bay Area entrepreneur turned desire
guru, Eyal has worked with some of the top tech
firms in Silicon Valley, teaching them how to
apply the system he developed for engineering
habit-forming apps, services, and games. His
blog, Nir and Far, has attracted tens of
thousands of subscribers hungry for insights,
and his writing has appeared in both the mass-
market pages of Psychology Today and the
insider club of TechCrunch. His inaugural Habit
Summit, held last March on the Stanford
campus, drew 400 participants. Eyal’s book,
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products,
self-published in January 2014, shot immediately
to the top of Amazon’s product-design list.
Penguin acquired it and released it in
At the heart of Eyal’s system is a four-step cycle
he calls the Hook. These steps were derived
from his observation of online products and
services, as well as a wide range of
psychological and neurological research, from
B. F. Skinner to B. J. Fogg. The Hook, Eyal says,
is the magic behind just about every icon of the
consumer Internet, from Google to WhatsApp….continue reading

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