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IBB Urges Nigerians To Support The Govt & Military In The Fight Against Boko Haram


In an exclusive interview with Sunday Sun at his Minna Hilltop Mansion, former head of state Ibrahim Babangida spoke on Buhari’s Ministers, Boko Haram, life after power and other sundry issues. While expressing confidence in the calibre of Nigerians chosen to serve in the Buhari cabinet, appealed to Nigerians to support the government and Armed Forces in the fight against Boko Haram.

“First of all, Nigerians should know that it is not a war limited to the North-east. It touches every part of Nigeria and even outside Nigeria. Therefore, the populace must support whatever action the government is taking because it is a Nigerian problem and must be solved by Nigerians. So, I am only appealing to Nigerians to support what the government and Armed Forces are doing. That will go a long way in curtailing this”

Asked what kind of support he had in mind, the former Military president said:
“Let me put it this way. The cause for which Nigerian Armed Forces are fighting is a legitimate cause. Therefore, it has to be supported. If it isn’t, nobody would care. It is a legitimate cause, and all of us, as long as you are a Nigerian,you have to support that cause”


He however noted that praising the Army and the Government is not the only way to show support.
“Well, praising, I don’t think it is the only support we can give. Maybe you were a small boy in 1967 during the civil war. You would find that Nigerians were mobilized to support that war and every citizen was making one contribution or the other, in kind, moral or material support. So, it entails material support and moral support in fighting such a cause”

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