“If You Want To Lock The Gate, Lock It Now” – UIVC Tells Ojo Aderemi, Uites.


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He said this at Trenchard Hall, on Monday, 8th May, 2017, while delivering his speech during the Students’ Union handing over ceremony.
The Vice Chancellor, having listened to the inaugural speech of the President, Ojo Aderemi, responded that “it is a good thing to talk tough” as a Union leader.

Image of university of ibadan's vice chancellor

He emphasized that for about four consecutive sessions during his undergraduate days, the Union leaders had been rusticated.

The Vice Chancellor further made mention of a recent employability report, which placed the University of Ibadan as the 13th among other Universities, whose product secure job as soon as they complete their NYSC.
He said that instead of students to equip themselves with the skills needed for the labour market, they would rather involve in fighting the University management.
He mentioned that the current academic session, according to the revised calendar, will not end until around Christmas, adding that any form of strike from the angle of students, will lead to its extension to the coming year.
“If you want to lock the gate, lock it now, these lecturers will continue to receive salary.

“There is no free lunch anywhere, not even in Freetown.

“I advise you look before leaping.

“Don’t think we are here to oppress you….we are partners in progress”, he said.

By : Haleem Olatunji

Source: mellanbypressui

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