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Ini Edo Doesn’t Care What People Say About Her Crashed Marriage



Despite lots of speculation and
tongues wagging about her
crashed marriage, Nollywood
actress Ini Edo upholds the
whole situation as a thing of
the past because she doesn’t
care what people say about it.
Ini recently reacted to the
‘Let me be frank with you, I
have not spoken with anybody
concerning the break-up of my
marriage. And I am not going
to say anything about it. It’s
my past and I have put it
where it belongs. So, let it
remain like that’, she said.
And she cares less what
anyone thinks; ‘I don’t care
whatever people might have
said or written as the cause of
the break-up, that’s their business. I have not granted
anybody any interview and I won’t do that. It’s my private
life, you guys should please let me be’, she pleaded.

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