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It’s not about how many hours you work in a day — focus on how much you get done & how impactful your work is



Whether it’s the morning rush to get to work
– or the evening rush to leave it – we’re often
so focused on the “getting there” or the
“getting out” that we forget about the little
things that can make our daily lives easier
and our work days more productive.
How you begin and end your work days is
crucial to how the next day or even the rest
of the week goes.
It’s taken me years to develop morning and
evening routines that help me get the most
out of each and every day. I wasn’t always as
productive as I am now. As a young
entrepreneur, I thought it was about waking
up earlier and working longer hours late into
the evening, but as I gained more experience
over time, I realized that its not just about
how many hours you work in a day—it’s how
much you get done and how impactful the
work you do is.
Now with over ten years of experience under
my belt, I follow a strict morning and evening
routine everyday that includes things like
exercising first thing in the morning, tackling
the hardest task before going into the office,
and even have time to squeeze in 20 minutes
of cartoons. Most days I finish more work in
the morning than I do the most of the day.
If you want to have a more productive day,
week, or month, follow the recommendations
outlined below: read on @ Forbes

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