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Jega promises ‘more efficient’ elections in 2015


Chairman of the Independent
National Electoral Commission
(INEC), Professor Attahiru Jega,
has promised Nigerians that the
electoral body will conduct free
and fair elections in 2015.

Speaking on Monday during a three-
day training workshop in Abuja, Jega
said INEC would help political parties
develop electoral skills ahead of the
“As you are no doubt aware, it is
part of the responsibility of INEC to
assist political parties to develop on
their electoral skills,” he said.
“Since the 2011 general elections,
improvements have been made to
the electoral policies of the
commission, the objective being to
ensure a more efficient and hitch-
free electoral service delivery in the
2015 general elections.
“Many of the reforms and
innovations in the electoral process
of the commission have been
radically different from what many of
us used to know. The only way to
keep political parties abreast and up-
to-date with these reforms is not
only through constant communication
and interaction but in addition,
through periodic training and re-
training of members of political
He said such training would continue
in order to expose political parties in
the country to conform to the
acceptable standard across the
world. He also expressed
appreciation to the organisations that
collaborated with INEC to hold the
“Through periodic training exercises,
the commission hopes to bring
political parties up to date on
international best practices meant to
standardise the conduct of elections
across the globe.
“If things must be done right,
political parties also need to learn
and benefit from such best practices
and apply these to their routine work
and activities.
“This workshop, therefore, should be
seen as part of the continuing
partnership between the commission
and political parties, especially
through the IPAC. It is our belief that
through this constant interaction and
engagement we all stand to add
value to the quality of elections in
“We hope to provide you with what
you need to know and what they
need do if they were to serve as
Agents of their respective political
parties on Election Day. In
developing the modules for this
training workshop the Commission,
through its Electoral Institute have
been able to take into account all the
laws, guidelines and regulations
relating to Election Day activities.”
He said INEC brought together
seasoned and experienced trainers to
facilitate the training, adding that
participants will find the exercise
very valuable.
“This workshop is designed as TOT
because we hope that beneficiaries
will cascade the training to other
members of their various political
parties. Therefore, we do not expect
participants to keep this knowledge
to themselves; we hope that their
respective political parties will
sponsor similar training workshops
amongst their members nation-wide.
“I will like to specially thank DGD-
UNDP for providing funding support
for this workshop. I do hope that
they will continue to support the
Commission in its goal of improving
the electoral process in Nigeria.”

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