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Jonathan Advocates Support For Veteran Nigerian Soldiers


President Goodluck Jonathan has stressed the need
for Nigerians and corporate bodies to continue to
show support to veteran military personnel.

At the launch of an emblem for 2015 Armed Forces
Remembrance Day in Abuja on Monday, President
Jonathan commended Nigerian soldiers for showing
gallantry in the fight against terrorism in the north-
“Those who fight to stabilise the country should be
appreciated at all times,” President Jonathan told
the gathering at the Conference Center in the
Presidential villa.
He pledged the commitment of his administration to
the welfare of the veterans and urged state
governments to lend support to the course.
The President further urged Nigerians to donate
generously to the emblem week, instructing all who
have any business in the Presidential Villa to ensure
they wear the emblem
The Chairman of the Nigerian Legion (group of
veteran soldiers), Mika Daya, called on all that were
present to donate generously not just for the
families of the dead but those alive but
He also pointed out that there were more losses this
time in the hands of Boko Haram.
The Minister of Defence, Aliyu Gusau Mohammed,
said that it was an enduring tradition and a time to
express appreciation to the armed forces for the
sacrifices made in the service of their fatherland in
line with the theme for the year 2015.
The Minister further showed example as he allowed
the Chairman of the Nigerian Legion to get his own
emblem pinned up.
The Armed Forces Remembrance Day is an annual
event organised to honour soldiers who fought in
various wars in and outside Nigeria.
Many of them, referred to as heroes, died living
impoverished families while others are alive but
need support.
The Remembrance Day ceremony will hold on
January 15 and Nigerians have been asked to buy
the emblem and wear it, as they could be saving a
life by that singular action.

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