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Jonathan gives emotional speech on APC, Amaechi’s comment on parallel government


President Goodluck Jonathan has said Nigeria is not the
personal estate of anybody but for the generality of
Speaking on Thursday during the Christmas service at the St
Matthew’s Anglican Church, Maitama, Abuja, Jonathan said
only the will of God shall prevail on the forthcoming general
President Jonathan in a lengthy speech said: “It is a week to
the end of the year. Next year, from January, we will see all
political actors campaigning and from the middle of
February to the end, we will have the elections at the various
“I believe we the politicians are not putting out the right
utterances and I am very sure that those of you who mean
well for this country are not happy with us.”
“As a politician, you want people to elect you, to perform a
responsibility. If you mean well for the country, the country
is nobody’s personal estate but you want to serve. If people
want you to serve, you serve and if they say ‘no’, you
“Nigeria is nobody’s personal estate, Nigeria is nobody’s
business enterprise, Nigeria is nobody’s father’s, property, it
belongs to all Nigerians.
“I get embarrassed when we the politicians, maybe including
me make provocative statements, statements that create
division among Nigerians; statements that can set this
country ablaze. I don’t think that is what a leader should do,
I don’t think that is the kind of seed a leader should sow.
“Take those who take government by violence. Look at
African countries and those who kill to take power, they
never end well. Few cases though, probably in society where
everybody goes the same way.
“If a politician wants to take power whether at the house of
assembly level, at the House of Representatives or senate or
governor or president, you don’t sow seed of discord and
enmity because of course, it will consume you.
“As a nation, we know that if anybody who has the privilege
of being a governor of a state after serving, he becomes a
senior citizen of that state, it is your duty to assist in-coming
“If you happen to serve as the head of government or as a
president of this country, in fact, at the national level, we
have the highest authority called the council of state, the
permanent members of the council of state are past
presidents and past Chief Justice of the country.
“The idea is that they have vast experience in a number of
things and they can bring their experiences to bear in terms
of advising any president at anytime, that was why that body
was created by the constitution.
“But if we abuse ourselves, kill ourselves to be in office,
then who will finish serving and still want to attend the
council of state meeting for somebody who probably abuse
you through life, it is not possible.”
Jonathan also used the occasion to personally reply
comments by Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi that
the All Progressives Congress, APC, will form a parallel
government if the party loses the 2015 presidential election.
“For a politician to stand up, who is even a Christian to say
that if he fails to win election, he will form a parallel
government. What makes him feel that he must win the
election? Even me as a serving president, what makes me
feel I must win the election, no matter what I think I am.
“Nigerians will decide who will govern them at the state
level, or federal level, state assemblies or the National
Assembly in terms of the federal constituencies and the
senatorial districts.”
“It is not you who is looking for the office to think that you
are the best person to be there. Are you the most qualified
person even by certificate? Are you telling me your
certificate is larger than that of others or you even have
more certificate ? It is the chance of the people and the will
of God.”
He called on the Christian community to continue to pray for
God to forgive politicians their sins as the only way to move
the nation forward.
“God should give us the wisdom to do what is right. All of us
who by divine and the will of God are still holding sensitive
offices,God should give us the wisdom and the courage to
do what is right for our people.” Jonathan stated.
Stressing that Christmas is a special day, Jonathan urged all
Christians to imbibe the value of love and peace that Christ
epitomised; the value of tolerance, fairness, selflessness and
for us to live in peace.
On security challenge, he said; “As a nation, we have our
challenges, everyday we hear what is happening to some
parts of the country, including Abuja, bombing by terrorists
and extremists. These are temporary things, surely God will
see us through. It will surely come to an end the way it
“All what I request from you is to continue to pray for the
country as you have been praying. Pray for the victims of
terror, we have widows, widowers and orphans, some
children are just few days old and their parents killed, so
what is their fate, their communities shattered, people have
to run to different places but that is the handiwork of the
devil. As a nation we will pull through.”
Jonathan further thanked religious leaders and all Christians
who constantly pray for the country, the first family and the
His words: “The challenges of the moment are enormous.
But for your prayers, probably something else would have
happened. God bless this country, even with the challenges,
one would have expected the economy to collapse
“Of course if that happens, people working with government
and some of the people with private sector would not have
been receiving salaries or anything. God is with us and
inspite of what is happening, we are forging ahead and we
will pull through.”
Delivering the sermon titled “The Jewish
Messianic Expectations and 2015 Elections”, the Primate of
the Anglican Church, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh urged
politicians to work towards the peace and progress of the
Noting that the 2015 election would be a critical
period in the life of the nation, he said Nigerians expect
peace, freedom, security and general prosperity of the
He therefore urged all politicians to ensure that the
expectations of the people were met as they seek elective
positions in the 2015 elections.
The clergy also urged Nigerians not to play politics with the
security situation in the country but to continue to pray for
the country to overcome the problem.
The President was accompanied to the Church Service by
the First Lady, Dame Patience; his mother, Madam Eunice,
Ministers and other top government officials.


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