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Kunle Afolayan Retracts Hate Tweet, Tenders Unreserved Apology


It was not particularly a good week for outstanding
movie director, actor and producer Kunle Afolayan.
He spent the better part of the week trying to get
his friends, colleagues and Nigerians of Igbo
extraction to pardon him over the tweet he sent
which suggested that most movie pirates were
The tweet which was sent a day after the Oba of
Lagos reportedly threatened Igbos in Lagos,
sparked a delirium seconds after the award winning
actor hit the send button. To say that it went viral
would be stating the obvious. And not a single
person on his twitter handle who was of Igbo
extraction spared him.
Even the non-Igbos took on the very humane,
personable and humble actor. The rain of insults
continued on other social media platforms. This
time, Afolayan’s professional colleagues joined in
and didn’t spare him. They called him all sorts of
names and described his action in unprintable
terms. But the actor who many acknowledge was a
detribalized Nigerian has since retracted the
comment and has also tendered an unreserved


“I apologize for the comment. I am sorry I
generalized. I was bitter. I shouldn’t have allowed
my pains to overweigh me,” he tweeted minutes
after he made the initial tweet. Kunle explained that
he was bitter because he received a text from an
Igbo chap at Alaba International Market in Lagos
who alerted him that his big budget movie ‘October
1’ has been pirated and would soon be released.
“It was in that frustration that I sent the tweet. But I
am sorry that I generalized. Piracy is not a tribal
thing. I should have complained differently. But I
tender and unreserved apology,” he said at a press
conference he called to clarify the matter.
Popular entertainer and Former President of the
Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) described the incident
as unfortunate. “He didn’t particularly mean to hit
out at any tribe. I can tell you that Kunle is totally
detribalized. We should pardon the filmmaker and
focus on fighting piracy,” he said.

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