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Lindsay Lohan is in a mad dash to complete her community service and avoid jail



Lindsay Lohan is scrambling to finish her community
service by Wednesday … because jail is on the line.We’re
told Lindsay went to the Community Service Volunteers in
London Friday and Saturday, and her plan was to go
Sunday … and Monday and Tuesday. She’s been delinquent
15 days and MUST finish them by court Wednesday
morning. She says she’ll get it done.As TMZ reported …
Lindsay was supposed to do 30 days community service by
November 6 but only finished half. The judge cut her a
break and ordered her to finish by Wednesday. Lindsay has
lots of excuses for not finishing up to now. CSV was closed
for 2 weeks, she was in Bora Bora, and on and on.And we
reported she was in the hospital last week … she told her
people she contracted Chikungunya in Bora Bora, but even
some of them think she checked herself in just to create an
excuse.She’s now acting like she’ll log in the necessary
hours, but stay tuned. She has a rich history of violating
probation. And she’ll face a new judge Wednesday and it’s
likely if she’s delinquent the prosecutor will recommend
jail.Lindsay is on probation for her 2012 reckless driving
case when she slammed into an 18-wheeler.Give her
this … she’s reliable.

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