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Lupita’s adaptation of ‘Americanah’ not a measure of success for me – Adichie


Award-winning author, Chimamanda Adichie
has expressed her feeling towards Oscar-
winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o buying the
right to adapt her book, Americanah, saying
that she did not think of the move as a
‘measure of her success’.
According to the Adichie, “I will say,
particularly because it’s Lupita, who I admire
very much, I’m excited. I love the space that
she occupies. I love that she exists. So I’m
quite happy. But it’s not for me a measure of



She was then asked what her definition of
success was, to which Chimamanda retorted,
“Being read. Being read by people who get it.
For me, success is that I have a book out and
maybe I get an email from a friend of a friend
who I don’t really know that speaks to what
the book is about. That people get it: That can
keep me depression-free for a month. That it
means something to someone else, particularly
in a positive way. A woman said to me, ‘Your
book made me feel less alone.’That is


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