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Man arrested for slapping cheating wife whose boyfriend entered room when they were having sex



A man flew into a rage when his wife’s
secret boyfriend walked into his bedroom
while he slept with her, police in Zimbabwe
Victoria Falls Police said that they arrested
22-year-old Calvin Murapata of Chinotimba
Township on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m., after
he was accused of destroyed his wife’s
The wife was identified as 21-year-old
Nomagugu Ncube. Ncube works as a model
and won a local beauty pageant.
Murapata said that the incident unfolded
when Munyaradzi Nananga, the secret
boyfriend of his wife, walked into his
bedroom while he was laying in bed with
his wife.
Murapata said that Nananga, quickly left the
room and fled from the scene. When he
asked his wife who the man was, she said
that he was a maid.
In anger, Murapata slapped his wife several
times and he ripped her clothes. She fled
from the house and went to the police to file
a report of domestic violence.
Ncube recently gave birth to a girl. Ncube
said that she hooked up with her boyfriend
because her husband was too busy with his
Ncube estimated that the damage to her
clothes amounted to about $1,000. (WWWN)

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