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Man attacks woman on first date for not looking like her profile picture



I will never in my life support violence against women
but the look on the face of that woman on the left has
me in stitches. Lol. So here’s the story. A man who
spent close to $10,000 on flight, accommodation and
other expenses to meet a woman he met online
attacked her after claiming she didn’t look anything
like her profile picture. Left is the woman, 32 year old
Xiaojin Tuan and right is the photo she used on her
online profile…lol
The man, 35 year old Huang Mao, said he felt
deceived because he thought he was coming to meet
the ‘goddess’ she described herself to be in her
WeChat snap.
After flirting and sending countless messages for
months, the two decided to meet up. Mao said he flew
5 hours from Harbin, in north-eastern China to
Suzhou, in the country’s eastern Jiangsu Province, to
meet his drop dead gorgeous online girl only to see a
‘fat and spotty’ waiting for him at a cafe. The man
flew into a rage and accused the woman of deceiving
him. Then he punched her in the face. According to
local media reports, he then stamped on her as she
lay on the ground. The cafe staff broke up the fight
and called the police. The woman was later treated for
her injuries.


“I knew exactly what she looked like
as the image of her face was
ingrained in my memory. So when
this woman came and sat down next
to me I was completely shocked.
This woman had a fatter face and
acne, completely unlike the woman
in the photo.” Mao told reporters

The man was later released by police after the woman
decided not to press charges…

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