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A Nigerian writer, Chukwu Chinazaekpere Abigail has said married women are more respected in the eastern part of Nigeria than any other part of the country.

Married women are more respected in Eastern Nigeria - Writer Abigail lailasnews


The writer took to her Facebook page to say this, stating that because of the ring she wore, nobody dared touch her or call her a prostitute in the market.

She even went further to say that ladies in the eastern part of the country simply needed a ring and not pepper spray to defend herself. See what she wrote below;

Nnenna Egodimma Eze Anaba you were right.
Apparently, married women are respected a lot better here in the east.
I went to the market today, and no one touched me, groped me, or called me a prostitute.
Those who attempted, were shown my hand, by a few others.
So here ladies, all the armor you need to fight the chauvinistic misogynists in the market. Not pepper spray, not knife, not a gun…
A freaking ring.
There has to be the presence of a man in your life, before other men can respect you.
It’s exhausting to be a woman in Nigeria!

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