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Dressed in a well ironed shirt and fitted skirt, I made my way into the well-constructed, multi million naira company. I had sent my application to that company for four years without any response and now that I had been called for an interview, I knew it was a life time opportunity. I sat impatiently on the corridor leading to the office of the Human Resource Manager. I looked around and giggled as I remembered the intimidated look on their faces when I entered with my elegant look which was especially for the interview. One of them actually tried his luck by sneaking up on me but a glance forced him back to this seat. I looked my best because I had learnt that appearance and confidence is a key point in any interview.

I became quite nervous when I saw the first person coming out with a smiling face. “If she is smiling like this, how do I get the job”? I thought to myself and only realized I was laughing out so loud when I noticed people looking at me mysteriously. I decided to occupy my thoughts in the meantime and quickly, my mind flashed to the day I met my crush. Mehn, I was fidgeting as the boy walked up to me to ask for the way to the library but I was too occupied admiring him that I didn’t even answer him. The person next to me gave me a light tap on the shoulder to inform me I was next. “My time has come” I said to myself as I walked in gracefully to get the job.

His cute smile,

His fascinating face,

His expressional eyes,

His irresistible presence, were all I could see when I entered the board room. I stood transfixed to the ground, narrowing all that mattered to me to getting to know this exceptional man. The man who made me forget myself, my principles and composure. I was still wallowing in that emotional state when all of a sudden, his smile, face and eyes became familiar. It was Alex! Immediately, I knew my nemesis was here.

Care to know who Alex is and his relationship with her? Watch out next week as Wura brings to you Memories 2.

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