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I met Alex a few months after I finished my NYSC at Sterling bank one frustrating afternoon. He was looking exclusively attractive and for a moment, I forgot all about my frustrating day. As if he knew he had an effect on me, he walked up to me and told me I looked nice. Butterflies, jumped inside of me but to my surprise, he didn’t ask for my number. Disappointed, I left the bank, considering he was the major reason I was still there. I stood double frustrated this time by the road, when a car stopped in front of me and alas! It was him. “Do you mind if I give you a ride”? I obliged and I was so happy because I knew it was never going to end there.

Soon, we began dating and he fell so in love with me that he could trust me on anything. As a matter of fact, we were planning our introduction but, nemesis caught up with me when he caught me on bed with his best friend whom I have been having escapades with. He was so furious and disappointed and he simply told me he did not want to have anything to do with me and that was wedding plans had been canceled. I couldn’t bear being a loser and I did the first thing that came to my mind. I picked up a stool and broke it on his head. He fell flat in a faint and his best friend was still trying to rescue him when I took his car keys and ran away. I didn’t know where to go as I hurriedly drove out of the house but thanks to the huge sum of money I met in a bag right in his car. I ran off, only contacting members of my family for several years. Seeing him again was a nightmare because the question naturally was “how did he survive my violent act”?

“Can we meet you young lady”? That jerked me back to the present and I didn’t even realize that was the third time I was being called.


Did she get the job? Will she be handed over to the police? Will that mark the end of her hidings? Fine out next week as Wura brings to you MEMORIES 3.


Did you miss episode 1 of this series?, click on the link below to read up>>>


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