It has been revealed that popular Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson live with her husband for 2 years before they eventually got married.
Mercy Johnson and husband Prince Okojie
Mercy Johnsons husband, Prince Okojie, has revealed that before he married the actress, they lived together under the same roof for about 2 years. Mercys husband revealed this in a recent interview with New Telegraph saying that nothing else can break their home.
He said:Prior to our marriage, Id known my wife for three years; we actually met in 2008. We started living together in 2009 and we got married in 2011. Its been God all the way, theres no miracle or anything much, its just been God.
“With marriage break-ups and celebrity dramas, I think it depends on what one wants. For me, when I met my wife, I knew she was the one for me. The love, the affection and the tender care are all present, and although we might have some misunderstanding but when we sleep over it, we move on.
And as a result of this, we dont quarrel often. When we do, we learn from it and move to the next level. I have a very big house, my wife has a very big room and so do I, but she has never spent the night in her room for one day.
“Sometimes when I tease her and say go to your room, she tells me this is our room not your room and so most times we are always together.
“I have never experienced anything like this, my marriage to her is so sweet and Im enjoying it to the fullest. Like I said, I wont give the kudos to man but to God Almighty who has kept us in happiness, in peace and in harmony.#mercyjohnson.”