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Military destroy Boko Haram armoured personal carrier, kill militants



Below is a statement from the Nigerian Military…
Troops in pursuit of terrorists had an encounter with a
group of them at Muva Junction yesterday. The fierce
encounter resulted in substantial casualties including
loss of lives & equipment on both sides. An armoured
Personnel Carrier used by the terrorists was destroyed
in the fight, while General Purpose Machine Gun,
Rocket Propelled Grenades, rifles,IEDs, & ammunitions
as well as, bows, arrows, locally made pistols & guns
captured from them have been taken into custody.
Meanwhile, troops have continued their advance backed
with highly coordinated air strikes against the terrorists.
Communities & locations such as Garkida, Vimtim, Kumare-
Uba, Mararaba, Mubi, & others are also under regular
patrols & surveillance to secure them against any
resurgence of terrorist activities.

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