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Military Jets Bombard Boko Haram Militants In Gombe


The Nigerian military has launched airstrikes on
suburbs of Gombe town as soldiers and police
battled Boko Haram insurgents who attacked
the town early Saturday, residents have said.
Fighting continued Saturday noon as Air Force
jets targeted areas raided by the militants
outside Gombe city.
The terrorists had attacked Lubo and
Dadinkowa villages, some 32km from Gombe
town, before heading for capital city.
A resident, Mallam Hassan, told PREMIUM
TIMES on phone that “we’ve all rushed back to
our homes now. Our town is under attack; we
heard that Boko Haram terrorists, in their
hundreds, are trying to invade the town”.
“Everywhere is quiet now, but the sounds of
shooting and explosion is deafening. We hear
the soldiers are battling to stop them”.
Another resident said soldiers and police
confronted the sect members in Linji village, on
the outskirts of Gombe.
A resident, Ahmed Hamza, told PREMIUM
TIMES that some young men from Dadin Kowa
town earlier informed him that the sect
members were attacking their town.
“We can hear sounds of gunshots from a
distance and everybody has gone indoors now,”
he said.
Another source who declined to be named for
security reasons also said the insurgents headed
towards the Army Barracks along Dadin Kowa
road when the Nigerian Army troop engaged
them while a detachment of mobile police
officers provided back up.
The spokesperson of the Police in the state,
Fwaje Atajiri, could not be reached for
comments at time of this report.


The Boko Haram terrorist group has repeatedly
attacked the town bombing bus stations and
other locations.
Saturday’s attack is coming less than two weeks
after a suicide bomber struck in the city shortly
after President Goodluck Jonathan campaigned.
Mr. Jonathan was in Gombe for a rally that
February 2, when a female suicide bomber
struck shortly after the campaign train
The female suicide bomber and a passer-by died
in the attack, while six persons were injured,
the police said at the time.
In December, the Nigerian military said it killed
67 of the insurgents, who, in a convoy of over
30 vehicles and motorcycles, were on a mission
to capture Ashaka, another Gombe town, the
host community of Ashaka Cement Plant.
The defence headquarters, which admitted
losing 10 soldiers in the battle, said troops got
intelligence report on their mission and laid
ambush for them.

Source: Premium Times

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