Mixture Of “Malt And Milk” Doesn’t Give You Blood, Here Is How You Can Replenish Your Blood.


World blood donate day 2019: How to quickly regain the blood lost ...

Most Nigerians always think that the mixture of malt and milk is capable of replenishing their blood.

Whenever their blood level goes low, they will quickly rush and take the mixture of malt and milk. They believe it would quickly restore their blood level.

Mixture of “Malt And Milk” doesn’t give you blood, here is how you can replenish your blood.

The mixture of malt and milk doesn’t replenish blood rather it gives strength. The reason doctors recommend the mixture of malt and milk after donating blood is for you to regain your lost strength.

It is believed that a lot of calories have left your body when you donated the blood. In order to replace that energy, they will ask you to drink malt and milk. They won’t tell you that it will replenish the blood that you donated.

If you want to replenish your blood, here is what to do.

It is advisable that you eat vegetables. This is because vegetables contain iron and the body use this iron to produce blood.

Another way to replenish your blood is by having a good rest. Don’t engage in stressful activities if you want to replenish your blood.

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