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Mother’s Day 2015: 12 things you should thank your mum for


Mothers are wonderful people, they nurture, care, love, struggle and conquer against all odds.

Here are 12 things you should thank your mum for this Mother’s Day…

1. Going to see all of your dreadful school assemblies/nativities/plays


                   Nobody clapped louder for Donkey 2 than your mum.

2. Putting up with your goth/emo/gangster stage



Whether you were a baggy jeans and chains type or a trackies tucked into socks kid your mum eventually got bored of saying you looked ridiculous (which you of course realize now).

3. Giving you advice



Even if you sometimes don’t ask for it…

4. Paying your phone bill

  Old Mobile Phone
Those polyphonic ringtones didn’t pay for themselves

              Teenagers: Your mum is funding your palmchat addiction.

5. Making you dinner

  Kids Letters
“Thank you Mom for making me food so I don’t die”

And lunch, breakfast, and everything in-between. Thanks Mum.

6. Cleaning up after you

  The baby mop
The trick is to simply get a baby to do all of the floor cleaning

Remember how there were always clean mugs and folded clothes in your cupboards at home growing up? That was your mum.

7. Washing your clothes

Only when you have to do your own laundry do you realise HOW INCREDIBLY DULL it is.

8. Picking you up from teenage parties


Even if it was after midnight and you were in a bit of “a state”.

9. Driving you to extra curricular activities

Look at these winners

Football, ballet, guitar lessons, swimming, or whatever it was, your mum was always waiting to pick you up (unless she was 2 minutes late in which case you panicked).

10. Helping with your ridiculous school projects

Made all by yourself, of course

All school projects: at least 50% mum made.

11. Picking up the pieces when you had a bad day

Top on screen Mum

Mum’s are always ready with a hug and a cup of tea when it gets a bit much.

12. Accepting and loving you for who you are

No matter what you do with your life.

Now go and give your Mum a hug.

God bless all mothers around the world!

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