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Motivational series with Posiworld™ : RELATIONSHIP


Good morning Friend,

 I could not sleep last night because of you. I was really thinking about you. I’m glad that even I’ve been hurt, I’m not living with regrets. Letting go made me free. Forgiving made me happy and acceptance changed me.

One of the top causes of stress is strife in our personal and professional relationships. This is why it’s wise to invest time in nurturing your most important relationships. Invite a co- worker out for a drink after work to get to know him or her better, spend some quality time with your spouse and children, or call your parents or grandparents to catch up.

The harmony you bring to these relationships will lower your stress and increase your productivity at work.  You need to confidence to be selective about which men or women  you date or marry, and you need confidence to walk away if the relationship turns unhealthy. You need confidence to make your way in the workworld

 Be someone who knows, in your heart, that you are a person of integrity. Knowing you have integrity leads to solid self-esteem, and solid self-esteem is important in being independent and/or strong. If you don’t have solid integrity decide to figure out how to develop it.

Take care and do have a lovely weekend!



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