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Muna Obiekwe, Nollywood actor Still Alive?


Nollywood actor, Muna Obiekwe is reportedly dead.
There are however tweets from an account claiming
to be Muna Obiekwe, debunking the reports.


Earlier today, Sunday, January 18, 2015, reports
surfaced online that Nollywood actor, Muna Obiekwe
has passed away in a hospital in Festac, Lagos.
According to Linda Ikeji, the actor passed away after
battling with Kidney disease.
Following the death rumours, a twitter account with
the name ‘Muna Obiekwe’ stepped out to debunk the

‘WTF! How can someone joke with an issue of death, pls
o everyone I’m alive and well by His grace..Don’t know
where they got it From ’ – The supposed Muna tweeted.
Check out more tweets below;


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