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MUST READ: All Information’s You Need to WIN BIG MONEY on NairaBET



Okay guys here is a good news to you allfootball lovers. By now you might have hearing about NairaBET. Nigeria formost Football betting Company. Today i will give you all the necessary information you will need to win big money from their site. just take a chill pill and ride with me. 

NairaBET is easy to use and win big money from it.. all you need do is just to REGISTER HERE, after registration, you will fund your NairaBET account. you can easily do that through any ATM

 across the nation. After funding your account, you just log onto the site, Place bet on any football match and then you win BIG! it is as simple as that. 

You don’t really need to go to their agent outlets across the nation to predict football matches and win, you can predict matches from anywhere so far you are connected to the internet. you can achieve this through your Computer or Phones..

Below is a pictorial quick tutorial on how to fund your Nairabet account with your ATM;

There are many advantages to using the ATM to fund your account.

  1. You don’t have to be online to fund your account.
  2. You can do it anytime of the day
  3. There is always an ATM near you.

The things you need are your ATM card and your NairaBET.com customer identification number. Not your username. You know the ATM deals with numbers and not letters.
To get your customer ID, log into yourNairaBET.com account and take a look at it at the top right hand side of the page.


Once you are ready, go to the nearest ATM. Insert your ATM card and enter your PIN. After that, this type of page will open. Select Quickteller. If you cannot find that, you can select Pay Bills.


Please note that some ATMs at some GTB branches will show “Fund Wallet”. Select it and it will show “Fund GT Wallet” or “Fund Other Wallets”. Select ”Fund Other Wallets” and it will lead you to the next page. After that, the list of merchants like DSTV will come up. Select Others. 


The machine will now ask you to enter your merchant code. The code you will enter will depend on the amount you want to fund yourNairaBET.com account with. Here are the codes.
N1,000 – 55601
N2,000 – 55602
N3,000 – 55603
N4,000 – 55604
N5,000 – 55605
And so on.
If you want to fund more than N5,000 or other amounts you want enter the code 55606. The machine will ask you how much you want to pay. Enter the amount you want to pay and move to the next page.


The next thing is to enter your NairaBET customer identification number.


After entering your ID, it will bring up your name. If it brings up another name, that means you have entered the wrong ID so cancel it and do it again.


Confirm it if the details are correct. Some machines will ask you to put your telephone number. Enter it and they will send you a confirmation message. It is not compulsory though.

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