National Assembly: Buhari will not act like Obasanjo, Jonathan – Presidency


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President Buhari’s personal assistant, Lauretta Onochie, has called on Nigerians to organise themselves and march against the National Assembly

– She said Buahri will not descend on the National Assembly, especially the Senate, like Obasanjo and Jonathan did

– Onochie said the constitution does not allow Buhari to interfere with the impunity at the Senate – The presidential aide said only the Nigerian people have the powers to recover the hijacked National Assembly

The personal assistant to the president on social media, Lauretta Onochie, has said President Muhammadu Buhari will not descend on the National Assembly like former presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan did. She said Buhari is a man of honour who vowed to give Nigerians a democratic leadership and no amount of pressure will make him break that vow.

“I understand when well meaning Nigerians, call on President Buhari, to “Descend” on the National Assembly, the Senate in particular. After all, that’s what Presidents Jonathan and Obasanjo did. With all due respect, it would appear, and was very clear, even to the blind that what Nigeria had under President Obasanjo, was democracy, tinged with autocratic tendencies,” she said.

The presidential aide noted that the National Assembly does not belong to Buhari but to the people of Nigeria and not it would be impunity if the president stepped out of line to act like Obasanjo.

“This idea of wanting our President to break constitutional provisions that recognise separation of powers, is nothing but a total cop out on the side of Nigerians. We must have democracy in a democratic setting.

“Nigerians did it in January of 2012. That was when we recovered the executive arm of our government. The elections of 2015, merely confirmed that Nigerians actually recovered their government,” she stated.

Onochie said there was need for Nigerians to make another round of sacrifice by descending on the National Assembly as the president has no right to do so.

She noted that only the Nigerian people have the powers to do so as the presidency does not have such powers under our constitution.

According to her, Buhari will not break the laws to deal with lawbreakers

She said: “How many of us are ready to leave the comfort of social media and actually march on the National Assembly? That’s the million Naira question.”

Describing the lawmakers as clowns, Onochie said they are trying to push Buhari to interfere with the impunity that is now the National Assembly so they can label him a dictator, adding that only a true democrat can resist such.

“Buhari will not come down to their level. But as some of them are serial offenders, their sins will find out and our laws will take their course.

“But Buhari, I suspect, would also respect rights and the efforts of Nigerians to recover their National Assembly. After all, he’s a Nigerian too!

“Go! Organise yourselves and recover your hijacked organ of government, the National Assembly.”


Recall that Onochie had condemned the planned nationwide protest against the government by music star 2face, following the hardship Nigerians are experiencing.

In his defence, she said Buhari knows Nigerians are facing hardships and is working to alleviate those sufferings.

The relationship between the the executive and legislative arm of government is not as smooth as it should be. During plenary on Tuesday, senators protested against the retention of Ibrahim Magu as the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission despite being rejected by the lawmakers twice.


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