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New Nollywood Movie Titled ‘It’s Don Jazzy Again’


Na wa oooh, Nollywood will not kill us with
laugh oooh…………LOL!!!
A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Nollywood
producers tend to name their movies after the
latest trend in the country, whether evil or good,
it doesn’t matter to them.


Well, they are at it again.
I just read about this new Nollywood movie with
the title — Don Jazzy Again.
The poster has Nollywood comic actor, John
Okafor on the cover, portraying Don Jazzy and
wearing flamboyant clothes accompanied with
a walking stick like the Mavin’s boss.
The post was shared by Phyno on his Instagram
account tagging Don Jazzy in the post with the
caption: ‘Don jazzy d movie @donjazzy

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