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News: Elections May Not Hold In North East – jega


The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral
Commission (INEC) Professor Attahiru Jega, on
Monday said unless there is a significant
improvement in the security situation in the
northeast, next month’s general elections may not
take place in the area.

“A place like Borno State, unless
something is done about those that
have been displaced, even return
for the governorship might be
difficult, if not impossible under the
To be realistic, we must say that it
may be impossible to do elections
in everywhere, in every local
government, in every constituency
in those three states” he said,
while speaking at a forum in Abuja,
organised by the African Policy
Research Institute.
He however pointed out that the
commission is working hard to limit
the number of Nigerians that may
be disenfranchised as a result of
the insurgency.
He announced that the commission
has made adequate plans for
internally displaced persons to vote
in designated areas in the north
“First and foremost, we know that
there is many internally displaced
persons in Nigeria but our focus is
going to be on the north east zone
and it will only be for internally
displaced persons that are in the



he added.
Also speaking at the forum was the former Minister
of Foreign Affairs, Prof Bolaji Akinyemi, who called
on politicians who steal the nation’s resources to be
He noted that “our problem is not in terms of wealth
but in terms of distribution of the wealth; the social

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