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NIGERIA 2015: Nigeria needs a non-corrupt leader – Soyinka



Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has said
that Nigeria needs a non-corrupt leader at this
point in her national history.
Soyinka said this at the Ake Arts and Book
Festival, an annual cultural event in his honour,
which was held at the Cultural Centre, Kuto
Abeokuta from November 18 to 22.
“Nigeria needs a leader who is indifferent to
material acquisition; one who is not ashamed of
admitting his mistakes and has humility,” he

He also condemned the misuse of power by
incumbency which, he said, has entrenched
“new patterns of inequality and injustice.’’
He also stated that Nigeria still grapples with
impunity and corruption just as it did under the
military rule.
He, however, charged Nigerians not to seek for
perfection but sincerity in leadership.

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