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Nigeria is a nation of pretenders, politicians are using Boko Haram for political gains- Oritsejafor



President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN,
Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, on Tuesday in Abuja alleged
that politicians in the country are “using terrorism for
short-term political gains.”
He also stated that Boko Haram is still ravaging parts
of the country because Nigerians are pretenders who
are always in the habit of running away from the truth.
According to him, things may never work in Nigeria,
until leaders and followers begin to tell each other the
Oritsejafor stated this while speaking during a peace
parley between Northern Christian Elders Forum and
traditional rulers from Northern States.
He said the greatest war Nigeria is fighting today is war
against the truth.
Speaking to Northern Monarchs, he said, “As you
strengthen this body, I urge you to reach out to those
across the Niger so that a true national dialogue can
begin. Share your experiences with your colleagues
from the South and learn from each other.
“The greatest war we are fighting is a war we are
fighting against the truth. We hate, fight and fear the
truth. It is so unfortunate. Nigeria is not free because
we are running away from the truth. Truth can be bitter,
but when you swallow it, it becomes sweet. No nation
can grow without embracing the truth.
“We are like ostriches. We are a nation of pretenders.
We run away from the truth and expect our problems to
just vanish. Truth has a way of creating a level-playing
ground for everybody. We must build a nation on truth.
What is happening here is a bold step towards
embracing the truth.”
He also lamented that despite the fact that both the
North and South had been in existence since 1914,
there was still a misconception in the South about
Northerners and their religious inclinations, and advised
the Northern traditional rulers who were present at the
parley to correct the anomaly.
“There was a time in this country, if you needed to call
Ivory Coast, you will have to call France in order to
connect with the person. It was a terrible system. In a
sense, that is what has been happening.
“Let me say that when I was growing up, we were
deceived to believe that everybody from Northern
Nigeria is a Muslim. We were deceived in a sense to
think and believe that everybody in Northern Nigeria
was Hausa/Fulani. It was one Musa who lectured me
and brought me out of my ignorance. So many people
in the South are also ignorant like me. You may not
know, but most Nigerians do not know Christian
traditional rulers from the North exist in this country,”
Oritsejafor said.
Speaking on the Boko Haram insurgency, he said, “As
we meet, an inferno is engulfing our nation. Everyday,
reports reach us from our members of new attacks by
Boko Haram and their followers. Each week a new
town or village appears to be briefly occupied, pillaged
and then deserted before the insurgents can be
“Innocent civilians are murdered, families are torn
apart, and communities are expelled. Businesses,
farms and churches are razed. Like a wild bush fire,
Boko Haram has spread from town to town as they try
to establish their vision of an ‘Islamic caliphate’.
“No longer contained in the North-East, their terrorist
attacks occur all over the North of our country. The
reach of their flames seem to have no limit, even
stretching as far as here in our capital (Abuja). And the
threats to our community do not just come from Boko
Haram. As the heat of the blaze intensifies, so too does
tension between our community and our Muslim

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