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Nigeria Military Discover Boko Haram Bomb Making Factory In Yobe State



The ongoing cordon and search by troops in Buni
Yadi,Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State
has led to the discovery of a Bomb Making factory,
where improvised explosive devices (IEDs) used by
terrorists were being produced. A large quantity of
IEDs including those commonly used by suicide
bombers were recovered from the site.
The factory, which was located in a fertilizer
company, has also converted some of the materials
therein for production of all types of IEDs.


are still evacuating the materials which include a
large quantity of suicide bomber vests from the
facility to their base. It is believed that the heavy
calibre bomb used in blowing up the bridge between
Damaturu and Buni Yadi was produced in the


The terrorists were sacked from Buni Yadi after a
military assault that was conducted last Saturday.
The troops advance was delayed by the series of
IEDs planted on the highway leading to Buni Yadi.
Four soldiers died from such IEDs in the course of
the operation to clear terrorists from the town.
This discovery is expected to degrade the capability
of terrorists in the production of explosives, which
they have been using lavishly in the area until they
were dislodged from their stronghold.



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