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#NigeriaDecides: 7 reasons why Prof. Jega is the man


by Akan Ido
The elections results are still being reeled out at the INEC
collation centre in Abuja but it appears the Commissions
chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega has already written his
name in gold.
As we await his final pronouncement on the winner of the
2015 presidential elections which was conducted
nationwide on Saturday, March 28, we bring you 7
reasons why Jega is the man.
1). Prof. Jega cuts the image of a man who is very
concerned about his place in history. Despite several
allegations targeting his character by the leading parties
in the elections, Jega has refused to be swayed.
2). He’s always calm: For a man who is in the eye of the
storm at the moment, Jega remains cool, calm and
collected. His focus and determination to make a success
of the most keenly contested elections in the country
appears to be unshakable.
3). Jega is not unlike Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea gaffer
when he takes his place in front of the cameras. The INEC
chairman knows exactly what to do to get his point
across. It’s no surprise that the professor rarely gets bad
press in the months leading to this crucial elections.
4). Though the Presidency has severally denied that the
FG, with the help of Military Chiefs, mounted pressure on
the INEC Chairman to postpone the elections from its
earlier scheduled date of February 14, Jega somehow
managed to come out of that sticky situation smelling like
PDP blamed him for the election postponement but
Nigerians knew exactly where the blame rested and it
sure wasn’t on Jega’s front porch.
5). Despite immense pressure to flush him out, Prof. Jega
has continued to maintain he would only leave on his own
volition. When asked if he would resign weeks before the
elections, the 58-year-old academic said, “It is unfair for
me to say I will resign when I have a job to do. I remain
6). Jega’s insistence on the use of Smart Card Readers in
this election is a strategic masterstroke which has added
to the credibility of this crucial elections.
7). Prof. Jega is the only man with the power to keep
Nigerians glued to their television sets for hours just to
listen to him reel out boring figures.

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