Chapter 4

After 10years of marriage, 3 kids; a girl and two boys, and owning their own small bungalow, Angela’s father gets transferred from Lagos to Abuja and he has been shuffling the two states. He takes his two boys along with him and leaves Angela with her mother but that  will change soon because Angela’s father insists Angela will school at the University in Abuja where he resides. He fears Angela’s mother isn’t harsh enough, and he needs to hold Angela with a strong grip especially now that she is going into the higher institution. Angela’s mother who needs to stay in the bungalow to manage its affairs because they had built two boys quarters at the back of their building which they collect rent from yearly and mummy rose; the gossip, is one of their tenants. The money they get from rent helps with general upkeep and pays the rent of the flat Angela’s father and her two brothers lives in Abuja. So, typically due to financial reasons Angela’s parents decides it is best Angela’s mother stays with Angela in Lagos and her father lives with the boys in Abuja.
Angela is enjoying herself drawing claws on her mother’s fingers when she hears; knock knock at the front door.

She drops the note pad, walks to the door and opens it to find Phillip at the other end. “Hi. You didn’t send the picture yesterday and I didn’t see you all day in school so i came to see what the hair looks like myself,”

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Angela lets Phillip inside. “I completely forgot,”

“It’s beautiful,”

“Thanks,” Angela responds blushing

Phillip moves in and seats beside her note pad, looking at the pencil drawing of Angy’s mother with claws. “I saw your mom leave with mummy rose so i knew you were home alone and decided to keep you company. We could take a stroll down the street,”

“Okay,” Angela responds, it was a welcomed distraction.

In no time are they out of the house, holding hands and walking down the side walk of their street.

Angela is beautifully dressed in a blue jean skirt, a white blouse and blue slippers. Her dark complexioned skin is radiant in the evening moon as she laughs and nods listening to Phillip talk about a movie he watched. “I can’t believe you haven’t seen the movie I.T,”

“My mum won’t let me watch movies rated 18,” Angela responds. “You shouldn’t be looking at those movies either, they are a little too old for you,”

Phillip stops walking and looks at Angela, surprised. “What? I am 16 years old… I think am old enough to watch pornography if i want to,”

“Eeeeuuuuwww, why would you want to watch such nonsense,” Angela squeezing her face in disgust

Phillip draws Angela close to him, she brushes on him and their faces are very close together as Angela looks into Phillips brown eyes and her heart starts pounding in her chest. She gives a distance between them looking down at her feet embarrassed. “We should go back. My mum will skin me alive if she finds me outside at this time,”

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“Let’s go to my house,” Phillip suggests

“I can’t, I’ll get into trouble if my mum comes home and doesn’t find me there,”

“Scary cat,” Phillip calls out

“I am not,”

“Bed wetter,” Phillip calls out

“Stop calling me names,” Angela snaps back

She turns around and starts to walk towards her house with tears in her eyes

“Duck,” Phillip says pulling Angela behind a tree just as her mother turns towards the street and walks past them.

“Oh great, that’s my mum and she is going to kill me,”

“Ssshhhhh, don’t let her see us.” Phillip responds

They watch Angela’s mother walk away for awhile before stepping out from behind the tree and walking towards Angela’s house.

“I am so sorry Angela,” Phillip says for the 10th time as they get to the gate of her house.

Angela walks into the compound leaving Phillip behind “It’s okay.”

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