Chapter 4


The relationship between Phillip and Angela changes after the near kiss. Phillip and Angela drift apart and barely see each other but Phillipp’s thoughts never stray from her. Angela stirs something up inside him the day she brushed by him. It is electrifying, and he is sure Angela felt it too so he suggests they go to his house. When she refuses, he couldn’t help the insults from pouring out because he is somewhat disappointed. He tries getting opportunities to talk with Angela afterward to apologize for the words he said to her but he never gets the time alone with her.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. It is soon irrelevant to bring up the issue so Phillip let it go but he never forgets the near kiss they had…

Phillip wasn’t going to let go of the kiss.

So the day after their final SSC exams, Phillip finally gets time alone with Angela at her house while her mother is out shopping. They were both excited school is over, their jamb results is out and they both aced the exams. So the world is theirs at the moment and Phillip wants it to be more memorable.

Angela is sitting on a sofa in the living wearing a jeans gown with her hair packed in a bun looking radiant.”I am so excited,”

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Phillip asks

“Wow, Phillip!”

Phillip is as surprised as she is by his request.”Say yes,”

“Yes! Yes! Yes,” Angela says hugging Phillip

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“Have you ever kissed anyone?” Phillip asks hoping she doesn’t let go of the embrace

Angela pulls back from the embrace “Like on TV?”



Phillip who has been watching alot of movies with the actors kissing and having sex couldn’t wait to try it out. “We should kiss, to have an idea?”

“But I don’t know how,” Angela responds

“it’s easy…. Practice with your arm like this,” Phillip says bringing his forearm to his mouth and starts to kiss it while Angela follows

They kiss their arms for a while….Then Phillip drops his arms with his attention fixed on Angela. “Enough practice…Close your eyes,”

“But I wont be able to see,” Angela responds

“That is the whole point Angy,” Phillip says getting frustrated.”Just do it!” he adds seeing Angela look at him confused.

“Okay,” Angela says and closes her eyes

Phillip stretches out close to her. “Now, count to three,”

“One, Two, thre….” Angela counts but before she says three, Phillip holds her cheeks and kisses her.

At first Angela is stiff and not aware of what to do with Phillipp’s tongue while Phillip licks and sucks at her tongue… mouth. So she gets comfortable and tries to mimic Phillips actions and soon they are both licking and sucking at each other’s lips and tongues but Phillips decides to take it one step forward and reaches to grab Angela’s breasts.

Angela jerks away and sits back against the couch.

A long silence…

“I am sorry,” Phillip finally says

“Um, don’t ruin the moment,”

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Embrassed at his actions, Phillip is now red and swollen.”Please don’t tell anyone,”

“I wont but who will I tell?” Angela asks

“I don’t know… I just don’t want anyone knowing yet,”

“Well, you better not tell anyone you grabbed my breasts either,” Angela responds

They both laugh. “So, i guess its official that we are dating,”

“I guess so,” Phillip adds as he stands up to leave trying to hide the bulge in his trousers caused by the reaction from the kiss they had.

“Bye,” Angela says

“Goodbye Angy.” Phillip responds heading out of the house smiling

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