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Chapter 6

“No one will come between us,” Angela reassures Phillip a day before she leaves Lagos for Abuja

It is late in the evening and the only illumination glaring into Angela’s compound is the little glow from the streetlight. Peeping through the little space left from a half closed gate.

The compound is so small; it only occupies a car in front of Angela’s bungalow. Angela’s father managed his half plot of land to the best of his abilities; he built a three-bedroom bungalow and manage to build two self-contained quarters at the back attached to the fence walls.

Angy’s father paints their house white, the lintels coated green, slide windows coloured green and a light green roof to match. The quarters at the back is dark green with a  light green roof while the walls of the BQ he painted white and made the fence so high up, making it difficult to see from the other side.

Phillip reaches up to her face and traces the lines on them. Her eyes, nose, mouth, and neck with one finger he touches her making her breathless, and then he tells her she is beautiful and kisses her lips.

Phillip wanted to see Angela again despite spending the whole week with her. They visit the mall every day; watching movies, playing games, shopping for Angela’s things and watching more movies…

He needs the reassurance that she is never going to forget him soon so he decides to give her memories she will not forget.

Angela closes her eyelids; she wants more but can’t describe what she wanted. She is enjoying his touch, kisses, and she didn’t want him to stop. She knew her mother is asleep because Angela’s mother went to bed early against the journey ahead the next day. Angela made sure she heard her mother snoring before calling Phillip. He insists they spend the last evening she had in Lagos together before her journey to Abuja the next day by flight and dating Phillip for more than 4months now, she is sceptical of his intentions because before he made several attempts to touch her in sensitive places on her body. So she chose the venue of where they will spend time together and inside her compound near the gate, away from prying eyes as the perfect place. Phillip is restricted there Angela thought to herself but as he touches her softly, with her lids closed, she wasn’t so sure anymore if is the best place because she is no longer thinking.

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She tilts her head enabling him kiss her deeply as she leans towards him, allowing Phillip grab her breasts for the second time.

Phillip groans

Angela laughs

“Why are you laughing?” Phillip asks embarrassed

“I laugh when am happy and being with you right now makes me happy,” Angela responds intelligently

Phillip smiles, obviously pleased by the response.”I want to make you happy always,” He places his index fingers on her chin, pulls her head towards him. “No one else can make you as happy Angy,”

“I won’t let them even if they try,” Angela responds

“Good to know,”

“I love you,” Angela blots out for the first time

Phillip opens his mouth to respond to the love Angela professes but he is distracted by the squeaking gate.

They both grab on to each other, hoping that the darkness shields them from sight. Angela drops her head on Philipp’s shoulder trying to hide her face when she sees Mummy rose walk into the compound. Mummy rose on the other hand is oblivious to her surroundings and walks straight without looking anywhere else.

Angela breathes when mummy rose is out of sight. She lets go of Philipp’s embrace and prompts him to leave.

“I love you Angela” Phillip calls out as he heads out of her compound just before Angela shuts the front door of her house.

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