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Phillip in his third year at a university in Lagos studying medicine has been a roller coaster ride with him trying hard to get good grades every year. So, he moves into the hostel in his second year with the hope of fully concentrating on his studies but the distractions that come with him being a handsome fair complexioned aspiring doctor with a 2015 Toyota Camry for transportation, made it difficult for him.

So, as his third-year examination approaches, Phillip decides to go home for the weekend to catch up on his books. He takes his keys from his pocket and inserts it in the lock of his parent’s rented apartment. As he turns the knob opening the door, he hears the sound of a woman moaning in ecstasy with the bedpost squeaking rhythmically to the noise.

Phillip walks straight through the living room to his room. He shuts the door behind him, turns on the Tv in his room, takes the remote control and tunes the station to a music channel. Phillip turns the volume up, stretches on his bed and within seconds he is asleep until a loud bang on the door wakes him.

“Turn off that Tv,” A masculine voice shouts from the other end of his door

Phillip drags himself off his bed and reduces the volume but doesn’t turn off the TV.

He opens his room door to see his father and a young girl, slim with a tight figure that is Philipp’s age walk majestically towards the living room to grab her purse.

The wedding picture of his parents hangs on the wall near the sofa her purse laid.


Philipp’s father is a middle-aged man with a stern mien, dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of jeans with sneakers. He is standing by the front door waiting for his female guest to join him. He doesn’t glance at Philipp’s way the whole time. His female companion finally makes it to where he is standing dressed in a playsuit, sneakers and her purse now clutched to her wrists as they walk out the front door without saying a word to Phillip.

Phillip walks back into his room, grabs his car keys, call his drinking buddies and heads to a pub. He gets himself drunk, drives to his hostel and passes out on his hostel bunk bed.

The next day, he wakes up reaching for his ringing phone. The caller Id reads Angela.


“How are you?” Phillip responds

“I tried reaching you yesterday but your phone was switched off,” Angela blotted

“Um, my battery was low and there was no light in the hostel, so I switched it off,”

“Were you drunk?” Angela asks

“How did you…” Phillip stuttered

Angela cuts in.”You have to stop drinking this much Phillip,”

“What I need is you. When are you coming home?” Phillips asks

“Soon. I am coming home soon,”

“When Angy?” Phillip demands

“I don’t know Phil. I can’t just pack up and leave this place,”

“I miss you,” Phillip tells her

“I miss you too”

“No, you don’t. If you did, you will find a way to come to Lagos,” Phillip says

“It is not as easy…” Angela says in her defence but is cut short by the beep on the phone as Phillip hangs up.

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Angela calls back.

Phillip seeing the caller Id cuts the call and switches off his phone.

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