Chapter 1

Galatians 6:7

Do not deceive yourselves; no one makes a fool of God. People will reap exactly what they sow


On a sunny Sunday in June, 12years old Angela had asked for forgiveness twice as she is seated in a crowded bungalow auditorium painted cream and decorated with purple drapes and cushion chairs arranged orderly for a clear view of the podium on every side. The colour purple used as an embellishment over the hall; purple rug, purple offering baskets and choir robes denoting royalty which aligned with the church’s motto that states “Christ the King”. Angela listens in awe to the preacher standing ahead of her wearing a black suit matching his dark complexion, lean body and sparkling white teeth. The pastor wears a white shirt inside the suit, red tie and a patent leather black shoe on his feet corresponding with his attire, which proves to be the mix of ensemble to attract any audience while making forceful gestures behind the platform. Angela’s first confession happens in Church as the pastor clearly points out that telling lies is a sin and sinners needs repentance.

The sermon touches the depth of her soul and she agrees with the pastor that repentance is what she needs because she told a lie earlier to escape Church that day. Angela complained to her mother when she woke that she had an upsetting tummy and won’t be able to attend Church but Angy’s mother insisted. Uttering that her attending service is the cure of her stomach ache, “healing only comes from God and He can only heal you in His house”, Angela’s mother stressed while putting finishing touches on her makeup. She could not argue that statement with her mother because she would lose and knowing she has no choice, the girl tags along dragging her feet during the 5 minutes’ walk to end up seated meshed up between two heavily bodied women; her mother and their nosy neighbour.

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Angela wasn’t too holy but her believes were people advanced to rapture and others went to hell after death. She assumes in life there is nothing anyone can do to change it, you have to pray you are one of the chosen who gets to go to heaven whether you are good or not…. Maybe that is where a nearby charismatic Church got its name “chosen”.

At that young age, Angela theorized in miracles not luck. She concludes miracles only happened after prayers and turns out, Angela’s miracle had come without her asking God for it.

So after the Church service, Angela makes her way home walking boldly up ahead while her mummy lags behind chit chatting their nosy neighbour on the sidewalk. Soon, Angela notices a truck packed on the side of the road close to her own house and people moving things into an empty flat adjacent the structure of her house. As she walks past where the van is parked, she looks into the compound just in time to see expensive furniture scattered everywhere and a boy, fair complexioned, pink lips and chubby. The young boy whom she figured is her age mate is standing in between the furniture and the gate of the compound. The boy she will later know as Phillip was starring right back at her.

Her heart skips a beat and from the moment Angela sees him, she is hopelessly in love. That was the second time she asked for forgiveness and even she had no idea what she needed to be forgiven for.

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