Chapter 2

Due to the proximity in age, location and school, Angela and Phillip soon become good friends. She is a little taller than he but Phillip is plump while Angela has a skinny fit. Angela is dark-skinned, and he is fair complexioned; Phillip likes watching horror movies or anything associated with spilling blood while she is a sucker for romance.  Despite their differences, at some point when they both clocked 16years old, they are inseparable and everyone in the neighbourhood knew something is peculiar about these two but no one raises an eyebrow because it never seems harmless.


Even Angela’s mother is okay with her always being around Phillip because after getting to know his parents, she is more than comfortable with them together. “Mummy rose says Phillip wants to be doctors just like his father,” Angela’s mother announces while plaiting Angela’s thick black hair in the living room.”Don’t you want to study medicine too?”

Angela rolls her eyes wishing she has her ear piece inside her ear drums, with the thing plugged to her phone and loud music playing in the background.

Mummy rose is their nosy neighbour and Angela mother’s best friend who knew everything about everyone but no one knew a thing about her. Mummy rose is very superstitious, relating every little thing to religion even something as simple as a rat in the house is linked to spirits and bad omens. So Angela has never liked her and the hate feeling just grew worse knowing the woman gossiped about her.

“Mummy, I am in art class and you have to be in science class to study medicine”. Angela responds


Angela’s mother holds Angela’s hair firm. It is one reason Angela dreaded Sundays as her mother is her hair stylist who always made painful styles on her head leaving her scalp scarred. Angela’s mother had used her hair as practice to learn the craft and the whole ordeal is one she will never forget or forgive but it was her mother’s painful hairstyles or the barbing salon.

“Ye eh! Mummy it’s paining me,” Angela exclaims sitting on the titled floor of their sitting room in between her mother’s legs while her mother sits on the sofa with hair cream and comb by her side.

“How won’t it pain you? When you will not put your head in the place,” Angela’s mother responds but holds the hair less firm as she continues with the weave. “Then, you should study law, since you are in art class.”

“Mummy, I told you I want to study art. It is my forte, and that is what i will apply for at the University of Abuja,” Angela responds

It is the thousandth time they will have that conversation and every time Angela will have to remind her mummy it is her father paying the school fees not her and her mother had no say in the matter because her father supports her decision.

Angela’s mother will start to murmur something under her breath that Angela won’t hear and soon they would both fall silent until Angela’s hair is finished and she leaves the room…The matter adjourned till next week Sunday, same place, same ordeal but a different hairstyle and the circle of argument concerning her course of study continues until someone kidnaps Angela or her mother is struck with amnesia…


The thought of her mother having amnesia is so consoling, Angela feels bad she hadn’t thought about it earlier and prayed towards it in the morning while in Church.

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