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Chapter 3

Angela is in her room which consists of only a single bed near the window, a ceiling fan, a wardrobe beside the door, a shoe rack by the wardrobe, a reading table and a chair opposite the bed beside the wardrobe. The walls are cream and brown with the colors flaking out but have beautifully painted designs done by yours truly. She is on her bed listening to Adekunle Gold’s album “Gold” with ear plugs attached to her laptop while doing her art theoretical homework when her phone rings and the caller ID reads Phillip. She removes the plugs and picks up the phone on the second ring.

“hey, what are you up to now?” Phillip says on the other end

“I finished weaving my hair and am in my room doing my homework,” Angela responds laying on her back, facing the ceiling.

“I want to see what your mum made this time. Snap pictures and send it to me on WhatsApp,”

“Okay, I will,” Angela responds figuring out the answer to her homework as she stares at the fan rotating

“I hope she didn’t stress you again on your studying art,” Phillips asks catching Angela’s full attention

“She more or less pulled out my hair while telling me to apply for law,”

Phillip laughs. “I am so sorry. I am sure she wants the best for you,”

“The best thing for me is for her to support me. Not compare me with everyone mummy rose gossips with her,” Angela responds with a hiss

“Eyah, i totally understand but I don’t blame her. I am as worried as she is,”


“You?” “Why are you worried?” Angela asks sitting up

“Angy, you are going be in Abuja for 4years and am going to be here alone in Lagos. Shouldn’t I be worried?”

Angela switches the phone to the other ear and lays back on the sheets.”I am not going to space Phil but Abuja. Besides, i asked you to apply there, but you insisted on staying in Lagos,”

“We have our friends here and I have no family in Abuja,” Phillip says in his defense

“I am your best friend, Aren’t I? My dad is there too, and he is very fond of you” Angela replies hoping he will take the bait

“I know. I guess one of us will have to compromise,”

Angela remembers how adamant her Father had been of her coming over to Abuja for her University Education. “That person should be you,”

“Why me?” Phillip asks

“It can’t be me. My dad has made it evident its Abuja or nothing but your parents won’t mind where you go to school,”

Philipp’s cell phone beeps. “I am out of call credit. I  just wanted to say goodnight,”

“Good night Phil,”

“Good night Angy,” Phillip responds

Beep. Angela hangs up, puts the plugs back in her ears and continues her homework.

Home alone the next day late in the evening on the sofa in the sitting room, Angela is in front of the TV and with the remote in hand she mindlessly switches channels hardly staying on one station for more than three seconds.

Bored, she stops and picks up her notepad to draw. Angela is making a sketch of the picture of her mother in her wedding dress placed above the TV beside her father’s picture. Both portraits are black and white showing that her parents married in the early 80’s. Angela’s mother found her sweetheart in a neighbouring village while fetching firewood one day. Angela’s father is studying Engineering in a school in the west and he had gone home on holidays when he set his eyes for the first time on a beautiful damsel who came to his village to buy firewood. He is tall, dark complexioned with a properly shaved beard and is smitten by this chocolate brown lady who is beautifully shaped in front and back. She is endowed and Angela’s father follows her home that day to meet her parents. Two years later, after graduating with honours from the university and getting a job in Lagos, the first stop Angela’s father makes before relocating is to marry the woman he couldn’t take off his mind the whole time. He didn’t even mind that she is 19 years old and had recently finished secondary school. He wanted to start a family with her and that is what he got.

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