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“A National Assembly where an individual lawmaker takes home in one month the equivalent of the annual salary of a Lawmaker in the U.S, shows a psychiatric disconnect from the Nigerian reality, in the face of festering poverty they feast on jumbo pay, in 15yrs they are yet to successfully amend our flawed Constitution, yes this cesspool of the absurd and the sickening continues.” – Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

If they are not decamping from one Party to another in furtherance of individual ambition and or greed, they are fueling insurgency and insecurity so more Security Vote can be appropriated/approved, stolen and shared amongst those who appear unmindful of the fact that the primary essence of governance is to guarantee the safety of lives and properties.

The people/masses are themselves trapped in a Psychosis of sorts, one manifest in the way we take sides with Parties and Individuals who have largely failed the nation and left the people brow-beaten by hunger. I read plenty press where people trade words from partisan prisms, religious recesses, and from sectional cocoons ignoring the fact that those bleeding Nigeria to death are in cahoots indiscriminate of their faith, tribe or region. They are united in infamy and villainy, sadly a harangued citizenry buys their treachery.

I read insults from PDP sympathizers hurled at APC admirers; I read diatribes and threats about whose turn it is to govern and who must wait; I read passionate but ill-conceived homilies about the successes of one Party over the other as though we are a blind people; and I ask my Countrymen, must we always applaud mediocrity?

The truth is that logic and clear thought appears to have gone on AWOL, in our clime sound thinking is on Absence Without Official Leave, such is the tragedy of our nation, so sad.

To be CONTD.

_Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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