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Opinion: Re: Of Nigeria’s 2013/2014 National Honours Award List et all- Akin Oore’Oluwasimi Eyitayo



First, A Quotation on Marble:

… “National honours are supposed to inspire the younger generation to excel for the country, but thieves are the ones who get national honours in Nigeria. I can never accept any award from Jonathan.”- Prof. Tam David-West

Next, A Past-Tense:

… It may be recalled that criticisms trailed  the list of 149 Nigerian people conferred with National Honours by President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan on September 17, 2012

As many people then dismissed the list an frivolous and full of ‘awardees’ who do not deserve the awards?

However we must be fair to state here that the list then, and in the year subsequent included a ‘sprinkle’ of prominent Nigerian achievers of resounding National ethos!

Consider, This Past-Participle-Tense:

… President Jonathan, Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria Armed Forces indeed acknowledged the complaints of the ‘holloi-polloi’ following the past umbrage

As a listening and responsive government, he assured Nigerian people that the process of selecting recipients for national awards would be improved upon following widespread criticism of the caliber of people that made up the list last year

Now, The Present-Tense:

… This year, the same scenario has played itself out as there is hardly any difference between the mix of this year’s list and last year’s.
The ridicule that follows every national award ceremony since President Goodluck Jonathan took over as President continued today as the Nigerian government releases the list for the 2013/2014 National Honours Award recipients. As in the past, a ‘sprinkle’ like salt, of well deserving and amongst the best of our humankind deservedly have been made to ‘season’ this present list

We congratulate these men and women of honour. On this score, we plead to exculpate these set of our people from Pro. Tam David-Wests’ sweeping tar in his opening quotation to these musings.

Written by: Akin Oore’Oluwasimi Eyitayo

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