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#OtvEVENTS: Mare Festival 2014 Showcase


Mare Festival Logo

The amazing Mare Mountain Climbing Festival started on Thursday 11th, and will last till December 13th 2014. Mare is a
mountain – climbing fiesta in Idanre, Ondo state, south west
of Nigeria.The festival, which was maidened in 2009
features Cultural and traditional heritage of the people with
the sports-inclined mountaineering. The festival, last year
drew participants from across  Nigeria, South Africa and
Europe. Since the inception of the festival in 2009, I have been participating actively in the cultural event, for example, I was part of the Athletes for the Mare Marathon in 2011, I was part of the official photographers in the year 2012…and some members of my team (Olajide.Tv Crew) are physically present in @ Idanre to bring you the glamorous footages of the events. Full details including photos will be posted on Sunday.

Highlights of past events:


Cultural dancers at the 2011 Edition


Yeah I participated in the race,..I took 97th position...I no try?..out of 5hundred plus...


"Omo olókè tó mòkè ngùn"...can you translate that?...ask me...


He actually got a scholarship that Year


-The first contestant in the Junior
category mountain climbing challenge.


The race


Professional climber from Spain

Check more photos from the previous editions HERE. and HERE

Photos and videos of this year’s Mare Festival will be uploaded as soon as they are ready for publication, stay connected!

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