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“The actions of men overwhelm me; their thoughts overcome me; on me all blames come yet an ounce of what they do I cannot fathom” – Lucio in the epic book ‘The Sorrows of Satan’.

I have studied the effusive blame that religion places on Satan and demons as the cause of all acts of wickedness and human misdeeds.

I have also read that ‘the heart of man is desperately wicked above all things (perhaps satan and his demons inclusive)’. I have not forgotten the fact that in the Holy Book it is written ‘I put before you the laws of good and evil; choose good that you may live’, so why do we like Robots blame the devil/satan and his demons for our wickedness?

When you rape a woman does the devil give you a hard-on? Does his demons undress you?

When you loot State coffers and steal monies you do not need in ten life times is satan or lucifer the underpinning drive for your senseless greed?

When you play do-or-die politics, when you rip a pregnant woman open and slay the woman and the unborn foetus in the name of religion is satan or iblis to blame?

When you excuse profligate governance because you seek crumbs from the master’s table as court-jesters and clowns around the corridors of power, is the devil your manipulator?

Friends, believe me Karma is real because we are no Robots, yes the universe is just and God is not mocked ‘whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap’.

Believe me those who oppress the poor and deny the hoi polloi a hope and a future are devils and demons, for d-evil they do shall ceaselessly hunt them.

Do not be deceived the thieving Clergy and the unconcerned follower who keeps quiet in times of moral crisis are but demons whose silence and inaction slows down the cause of change and dulls the swing of good.

May God give us men who will always accept responsibility for their actions and or inaction NOT weaklings whose stock is blame trading. So Mote It Be.

_Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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