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#OtvEXCLUSIVE: PAT OBILOR: My journey into broadcasting


Pat Obilor said it all in this interview with Sun. Talks about her life, aspirations, relationship, projects…


Most people wish for success, but only few
realise that it only comes with a definite plan
and a burning desire. The above summarises the
journey of Chief Executive Officer of Sparkles
Media Limited, Pat Obilor. When she was
growing up she never knew that the hard time
she was passing through were basic
requirements for success.
Today, she is an award winning broadcaster
and Theatre Arts graduate, University of Ibadan
and has an entertainment outfit based in
Ibadan, the Talk-host of Stand-Out Live, and the
founder of SAYS Foundation
In an interview with LAWRENCE ENYOGHASU , she
talks about her experience, her journey into
broadcasting and projects .

How was your growing up like?

I had a mixed upbringing. I grew up with
different family members. My parents first at
early stage, later, I lived with married uncles,
aunts and grandmother. There, I had the most
difficult lessons. I had to wake up before ev­erybody and still slept after everybody. My
experience there challenged me to succeed.
There was hardly something I wanted that I
didn’t get, but there was always the trait of not
being part of the nuclear family. I wept in my
own privacy most times, wishing there could be
a change in time. Yes! I was pampered,
maltreated and disciplined but I grew up fine.

What lesson do your learnt from your dad?

He has inspired me a lot. My father is simple
and he treats people well. Sometimes when I act
naughty, he would say, ‘I take after my mum’,
but when I impress him, he says, ‘that’s his
daughter.’ Also, he has really given me a sense
or focus because anytime I see my father; I am
moved to achieve something great with my life.
What virtues did you learn from him? Variety is
the spice of life. Today, I learnt to multi task and
juggle a lot together and still be in control
because I learnt it from child hood. Most of the
things I saw as maltreatment then are the things
that have helped me today. Also, I have built my
personal virtues over the years and as I merge
my childhood experience with adulthood,


should be able to live a good life, build a Godly
home; pursue my personal career and impact
my society.

Did you play pranks on him?

I can remember eating with him and I hid one
of the meats behind me then he asked me if I
had taken meat, I lied and he gave me another
one. Double portion for me. But that was a long
time. No more lies.

How did you venture into media?

I started in January 2009 as a volunteer in 100
level, second semester, when UI Radio came on
board in 2008. By the grace of God, I am one of
the pioneer presenters of Diamond Fm and I
have been presenting since then.

You recently won the Nigeria Radio Awards, How
has it motivated your media career?

Awards are made to give people recognition for
what they are known and celebrated for, not
because they are good at it, Sometimes, it is to
celebrate the dedication, commitment and focus
in which you have invested in something.


that’s how I see the NIRA Award and somehow,
it has aroused my need for continual
improvement in my media exploits. I believe I
am not there yet and I need to keep working on
myself as a broadcaster. To whom much is
given, much is expected.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by a sincere purpose to reach out
to young people because they are the continuity
force of any nation. I love music and children,
inspiring books and biographies of great heroes,
who have risen from the gutters. I get involved
in good things that could give me the (I can do
it) attitude, the Bible inspires me, and it is
wisdom classified. Also, my father inspires me
too because anytime I see him, I just dare to do
something good.

What prompted your trip to London for media


I served in NTA Oshogbo after I graduated and I
was on television for a year, producing and
presenting the NYSC programme and an
entertainment show, which gave me a special
feature on AM express and the NYSC state
Award. The experience on TV exposed me to a
deep insight about the media for both Radio and
TV, so it was natural for me to be curious about
knowing more. Also, I believe I have something
to offer to the media sector in Nigeria and
anywhere my feet takes me because I have a
conviction that I’m meant to pursue a career in
the broadcast and entertainment sector es­pecially when I know that I shall be launching
the TV version of my youth show, Standout Live
very soon. So I enjoy speaking and motivating
people and I want to use the media platform as
a tool for that purpose.

What impact has it created in your life?

There is nothing as educating as getting an
international exposure, knowing about other
cultures and meeting new people. It makes your
career easier when you have all round networks
of like minds. My short TV presenter course at
the London Media Academy provided me with a
more practical knowledge of my theoretical
experience of what I learnt in UI as an
undergraduate, I was also able to defend my
practical training at the end by producing a
video reel, which is currently trending on
Youtube and my social media links. I was also
involved in the 2014 Notting hill Caniriv
Carnival as a Red Carpet host while I also got
invitations to media networking events and
some top media stations such as BBC, BEN TV,
and Kiss Fm.

Now that you are back, what is the next on your


Well, I have just been admitted to the University
of Ibadan for my Master’s programme. I hope
to settle in and start working on a further media
research. Also, I will be working part time while
I start preparations for my annual youth and
celebrity conference-Standout Live.I will also be
launching my new Radio Show- Pat Obilor Live,
which is going to be another creative ingenuity
from me.

Can you highlight more on Standout Live

Stand Out Live is a youth and personality-
oriented event created to motivate, network and
sensitise the young individuals with the person­
alities they admire as well as celebrate their
works. Stand out Live embraces diverse in­
dividual talents and skills, which would aid
social interaction, positive mindset and self
expression amongst the youths in different
facets of life, thereby celebrating individual and
collective uniqueness. We are currently
planning on extending the show from being an
annual youth conference to Internet/TV Show in
a bid to reach out to more target audience
across the world. The focus of this year’s edition
is tagged, ‘Give Back’. We are going to be
concentrating more on the indigent youths and
the less privileged through the charity arm of
the show, SAYS Foundation. As for the celebrity
guest for this year’s edition, we got a tentative
list already but we are still scouting for feasible
ones so that will be communicated as soon as it
is sealed.

What are your challenges in Standout ?

I thank God for the great people working with
me, so I really do not have people’s problems.
The truth is, organising Standout Live, has
made me realised that one’s idea, passion,
dreams and vision is more important than the
finances because that is what sustains my drive
ever since the event kicked off in 2010.
Although, we have companies who are
partnering with us with their products and we
still welcome more stakeholders but I must
confess that it is always a miracle every time we
organise Standout Live. Money has always been
the issue. We appreciate our partners and we
hope they would come to our aid again this year
and we also will be happy to get sponsorship
from other organisations.

How do you manage male admirers, do you have
any plans to settle down soon?

Really, it’s not so easy to wave men off as a
media person but God has been helping me with
that. I am ready for marriage but not vulnerable
or desperate. I believe things will fall in place
with time and you will know.


Talking about Marriage, What is your definition of

I can’t marry someone I don’t love. Love for me
is a beautiful communal feeling when you are
the right person for a particular person. Love is
not about what we have or do not have, it is
about finding that special someone or being that
special someone; it’s about filling a void in
people’s lives and letting them know that you
care. Love is unfathomable and eclectic. I can’t
really describe it but when you are in love, you
can create your own definitions.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I am in a relationship.

Who is the lucky guy?

That will definitely remain a mystery for now.
You will know when the time comes by God’s
grace, very soon.

What words do you have for the youth?

We have a lot hidden inside and we need to
express it. The idea to that is to leave a place
better than you met it, learn to take one step at
a time and let everything you do take you a step
further to your dreams. Also, gratitude and
concern for others is one of the keys to
greatness. I have not reached my destination
yet, but I am where I am today because some
people showed me love. Learn to be selfless and
giving. And please believe in yourself, it doesn’t
matter who you are or where you are from,
when you give a voice to your ideas…the world
will surely listen! To the youths, I say live, love
and laugh (Be all that you want to be). To the
leaders, please set the pace and to the old, keep
praying for us.

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