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#OtvExCLUSIVE: Warri Bible -MC RAIN


Warri Bible is finally out, grab ur copy now.

Sample version!


ENG: As it is written in the Bible.

WARRI: As dem yan 4 Bible.

ENG: Jesus entered the boat with his disciples.

WARRI: Bros J cum enta canoe with em padi dem.

ENG: As the boat was sailing, there was great storm.

WARRI: As the canoe dey move, na em yawa cum gas!

ENG: The storm was so great that it was like whirlwind.

WARRI: As d yawa dey gas, na em kasala burst join!

ENG: The disciples became so afraid and they shouted master! master!

WARRI: Na em liver fail em padi dem, na em dem begin dey hala  Bros eh! Bros eh!

ENG: Jesus got up and calmed down the wind.

WARRI: Na so bros J get up kon arrange de mata!

ENG: He turned to his disciples and said, oh ye of little faith!

WARRI:  Na em bros J look em padi dem, shake em head, kon provoke….O boi una fall my hand o!

ENG: The disciples replied and said “What manner of man is this?”

WARRI: em padi dem kon hala “shoo! Bros J which levels nah, U BE WINSH?”


_MC Rain.

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