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#OtvNEWS: Boko Haram- Our Soldiers Deserve Commendation, Not Condemnation, Says Group



As Nigerian troops confront the insurgency
in the troubled North East States of
Adamawa, Borno and Yobe headlong,
citizens have been called upon to offer
encouragement in any form to the soldiers
in their quest to restore peace and hope to
the region.
A Civil Society Organisation (CSO), Put
Nigeria First (PNF), noted that Nigerian
troops deserve a better welfare package
and more support than they are currently
getting from the government and Nigerians
According to the group’s National
Coordinator, Mrs. Ijeoma Nwafor, Nigerians
should be more appreciative of the
sacrifices by the soldiers in the service of
the nation.
Besides, she regretted that rather than
being appreciated for their sacrifices, the
soldiers are being subjected to unfair
criticisms and accusations of human rights
She noted: “The soldiers deserve better
welfare packages from the government and
better treatment from Nigerians, for them
to be better motivated in their chosen
national assignment, she noted”.
Towards this end, she said that the PNF is
set to launch a massive nationwide
campaign tagged Support Our Soldiers
(SOS), to draw attention to the plight of
soldiers and their families during times of
conflict and the need for Nigerians to be
convinced why the troops must be
She also disclosed that the group has
finalized plans to launch an appeal fund to
support widows and orphans of slain
Nigerian soldiers.
Nwafor added, “In most countries, the
military is revered, cherished and
appreciated by its citizens, because they are
often the unsung heroes of every
sovereignty. Nigeria should not be different.
In this war against insurgency, they are the
ones that are paying the ultimate price to
see that Nigeria is safer”.
Nwafor added, “These soldiers have put
Nigeria first before their own lives. They go
without support and sometimes unnoticed
by those of us who are benefitting directly
or indirectly from their efforts.
“Our men and women in uniform are faced
with real challenges. They leave their
families for months at a time; go into
dangerous situations, some are injured,
others lose their lives and a portion of them
are even unaccounted for, all in a bid to
put Nigeria first.
“We believe we ought to support our
soldiers beyond what the government
ministries and agencies do; they ought to
know that the citizens are not only aware of
them and their efforts, but are
Nwafor also noted that Nigerians should be
thinking of proffering solutions to the
intractable insurgency rocking the North
East rather than pointing fingers.

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