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I’ve chosen to start from the top job and deliver that as a given so my readers do not misunderstand an ounce of my posturing.

I’ve read some stuff about Buhari’s age, I’ve read some about his love for his religion, I’ve read about some desperate effort to stain him with the Boko Haram malaise, I’ve read about his harshness & human right violations whilst he was a military ruler, & I’ve read some funny stuff with tragic falsehoods about Ebitu Ukiwe abandoning Buhari’s govt because he was anti Ibos, hello! Ukiwe was IBB’s Deputy not Buhari’s!

On age, those who so effusively canvass age & tell me how old Buhari is forget that what we need first is a moral cum ethical revolution. They forget that corruption must be fought before there can be any meaningful development. They forget that under Jonathan’s regime corruption drives the vehicle of State, & in a multi-party democracy like ours the only peaceful way out is to vote change, Buhari notwithstanding his age offers change from an era of corruption to that of rectitude, from the ‘anything goes’ that defines the Jonathan Presidency to responsible & responsive governance, from deceit in public service to honesty, & from insecurity and terror to national safety and unity.

As the first & only President in our history who makes governance an issue in Churches, & pilgrimage to Israel a routine political retreat, Jonathan has given creed more place in our politics than even IBB who got Nigeria into OIC. Twice now Buhari is running with a Clergy as his V.P to shame those who call him a Muslim fundamentalist, in 2011 it was Pastor Tunde Bakare, & now Pastor Prof Yomi Osibanjo SAN a foremost Redeemed Pastor & former A.G/Comm of Justice in Lagos State.


_Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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